Amid no-nonsense reliability, amid safety and comfort expect the time of your life.

The Cobalt 255 seems a bit much, doesn’t it? We mean, with all its promises of performance and efficiency, of comfort and convenience, of short-term hoohadom and long-term resale value. The 255 cabin is quiet, sultry in its appointments, rich in its amenities. Designed to be a single unit of space and opportunity, the cabin creates an unmistakable sense of access and expanse. Everywhere there are details of design that belie the 255’s size. On some boats, this sort of style, this level of efficiency might be called “luxurious.” On the 255, they’re called “standard equipment.”

There are dozens of reasons to own a 255, many of them technical and non-glamorous: rattle-free doors maybe and everywhere storage and multiple platforms for waterborne fun aft. Many of them cosmetic and just for fun: fabric choices high in fashion, for example, or a glorious set of gelcoat colors or big engines that make the going wild and windblown all the way.

The 255 is a surprise package waiting to happen, a set of expectations waiting to be exceeded, a boat that combines practicality and personality. You’re simply going to have to learn to live with it.

Base Suggested Retail Price: $65,926


Hull Length Overall:
25' (7.62 m)
Length Overall w/Extd Swim Platform:
27' (8.23 m)
Beam Overall:
8' 6" (2.59 m)
Height Overall:
75 1/4" (1.91 m)
Height Overall with Arch or Tower:
111" (2.82 m)
Bridge Clearance:
62" (1.6 m)
Bridge Clearance w/Ski Tower:
103" (2.62 m)
Freeboard Forward:
42" (1.07 m)
Freeboard Aft:
39" (.99 m)
Draft Drive Up, single engine:
24" (.61 m)
Draft Drive Down, single engine:
39" (.99 m)
Deadrise at Transom:
22 degrees (22 degrees)
Estimated Dry Weight., single engine:
5000 lbs. (2268 kg)
Fuel Capacity:
73 gal. (276 L)
Water Capacity:
10 gal. (37.9 L)
Capacity, by weight:
2050 lbs (930 kg)
Capacity, by persons:
14 Persons (14 Persons)


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