October 9th, 2008

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  For Immediate Release

 Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008


Marine Board Meeting in Bend to Decide on Proposed Willamette River Rules


            The Oregon State Marine Board will make a decision on proposed rules for the Willamette River at their quarterly meeting on October 14 at 1 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Riverhouse Resort, 3075 N. Hwy 97, in Bend.

            The proposed rules for the Willamette River are from the Hwy 219 Bridge at RM (river mile) 48.5 to the upper end of Willow Island at RM 31.5. The proposed rules include: (a) not operating a motorboat at a speed in excess of a "Slow-No-Wake" maximum 5 mph speed within 100 feet of private docks, boathouses or moorages legally permitted by the Oregon Department of State Lands, and; (b) not using wake-enhancing devices, including ballast tanks, wedges or hydrofoils or other mechanical devices, or un-even loading of persons or gear, to artificially operate bow-high.


            Other items on the agenda for the Board meeting include:

• Correcting language for a rule adopted by the Board in October 2007 regarding

   communication  for charter vessels.

• Director’s Report

• Consideration of Facilities Grants

• Facility Program Report

• Law Enforcement Program Report

• Education/Information Program Report.

• Policy and Planning Staff Report

The meeting is accessible for persons with disabilities. Persons needing some form of assistance to participate in this meeting due to a disability should contact June LeTarte at 503-378-2617 by Monday, October 13. Persons wishing to address the Board on non-agenda items may do so during the designated period at the start of the meeting.

To view the agenda, visit http://www.boatoregon.com/OSMB/programs/members.shtml


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August 21th, 2008


This is your chance to make a difference.  Take 5 minutes and submit an email or letter to the Marine Board and the Governor’s Office.  The more people who do this, the more chance we have to resolve this issue in another way.


Do this for the benefit of your boating and wakeboarding community.


 1.  DO IT by 9pm on September 9thAfter that it doesn’t matter.

 2.  Snail Mail it to these people:


Governor Kulongoski
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047


Ms. June LeTarte

Oregon State Marine Board

PO Box 14145

Salem, Oregon  97309


Or….. Email these people:

Oregon State Marine Board (osmb.rulemaking@state.or.us)


Governor Kulongoski (this is an interactive form to fill out) http://www.governor.state.or.us/Gov/contact_us.shtml



MOST IMPORTANT: We do NOT want the Marine Board to pass/approve the Proposed Rules in their October Meeting.  All of the proposed rules (below) affect the Willamette River from Canby to Newberg.  Once these rules are passed, they are very hard to change or revoke.


NEW RULE PROPOSAL #1:: No Wake Zone within 200 feet of all private docks on the Willamette, from Canby to Newberg

ALTERNATIVE #1:  an alternative that would be acceptable to most is a 100’ restriction (instead of 200’)


NEW RULE PROPOSAL #2 No 180-degree turns at speed (Power Turns)

ALTERNATIVE #2:  alternative that would be acceptable to most is “no power turns for the PURPOSE of creating a wake”


NEW RULE PROPOSAL #3No Wake Enhancing Devices can be used in the Willamette from Canby to Newberg (Ballast systems, wedges, etc)

ALTERNATIVE #3:  recognize that all boats can create damaging wakes, this portion of the proposed rule will not be effective in reducing dock damage or erosion.  This can be more effectively addressed through additional public education, suggest including education as part of the Mandatory Boaters Card examination.


August 11th, 2008


Rule changes by the Oregon State Marine Board for the river from below Canby (New Era Bar) to the Newberg Bridge has a final hearing on Sept 9th , 7-9 pm at Clackamas Community College in Wilsonville, Room 111-112.

 “SAVE WILLAMETTE RIVER BOATING” Organization will meet Wed.  Aug. 20th, 7pm at Ray Klupenger’s home, 24885 NE Butteville Rd. Aurora, I-5 exit 282B (Charbonneau) and go 3 miles west. 503-504-0860 cell.

Earlier hearings had over 70 comments sent in with a majority holding to the rules listed. It is imperative that we get together and gather info prior to the Hearing date. If you cannot make it, please email or phone and put your name on the list if you agree with the following statements:

1. “Staying 200’ from all docks” in the 17 mile congestion zone will make many parts of the river 5 mph no wake zones. Many sections of the river are only 400’ wide between docks now. Staying 100’ from the docks is reasonable and practical.

2. “No 180 degree turns” at cruise speed in the 17 miles of waterway is too restrictive. Many parts of the river have no docks and are wide enough to make full turns and still stay 100’ from all docks.

3. “No Wake Enhancing Devices and overloading boats with people”. There is no way to enforce this rule; it is all subjective and unrealistic to police. The size of the boat alone can change the wake size.

rayklupenger@centurytel.net or phone 503-678-5519 and leave a message.

Also contact the Marine Board and let them know your position:

Oregon State Marine Board

June LeTarte, OSMB,

PO Box 14145

Salem OR 97309

Or email osmb.rulemaking@state.or.us  or Fax 503-378-4597


July 31st, 2008


Rule Changes for the lower Willamette River between Canby and Newberg.
Next public hearing is Sept 9th, 7-9 pm at Clackamas Community College in Wilsonville. Room 111-112.
IMPORTANT TO ALL BOATERS - Public hearing issues that have been addressed previously:
All boats required to use “5 mph no wake zone” has been acceptable within 100 feet of a dock. 100’ is a reasonable distance that can be managed. Keeping it at 200 feet would stop all boating above 5 mph in many parts of the river because it is only 400’ wide. Between docks where I live the distance is about 400’ wide, this would be a 5 mph no ski zone. In other places 2 passing boarders or skiers in the center of the river would be unable to keep the 200’ required distance.
 “THE POWER TURN” Changed numerous times. At the public hearing it was presented as a sharp power turn to retrieve a fallen boarder, skier, tuber only. Everyone understood this as a quick turn in the river. Circling of a tuber or zigzagging a tuber has now been restricted. In the last rule proposal the Marine board came up with “NO 180 DEGREE TURNS” period, except to retrieve a fallen person. This means all other boaters will have to stop, turn around at 5 mph then, start up again to go the opposite direction. There are many areas of the River where there are no docks or obstructions, making it easy to turn while at cruising or pulling speeds. Another flip-flop.
Wake enhancing devices have come up again. This is absolutely off the mark. If my grand kids want 8 people in my boat while cruising or boarding or tubing, they cannot do it without getting a ticket? Does this mean the local sheriff is going to inspect the single center planing plate (wedge) to see it is not down? Will the ballast tanks have to be removed or a ticket will be given? Or will the sheriff have to stop the boat and inspect to find and see if water is in the ballast tanks? Will boats have to be weighed to see if the correct weight-to-length+people combination is held to the boater? This is an impossible task for the sheriff’s office to govern. Has anyone checked with the Sheriff Patrol? Another flip-flop.
4.Our Governor Ted Kulongoski’s Natural Recourses Policy Director, Michael Carrier has now stepped in and advised the Marine Board to take stronger steps to limit the environmental damage done to the banks of the Willamette. At two of the public hearings I attended, the Marine Board was not going to take issue with the erosion question until an erosion study could be completed. Funding had to be budgeted and the study made by someone like Oregon State University. Another flip-flop.
If you want to have river boating activities in the future, attend this meeting Sept 9th and speak-up. If you cannot attend then email the Marine board your comments to: Randy Henry email -  
You can also write and send comments to the Marine board until Sept 9th to:
Oregon State Marine Board
PO Box 14145
435 Commercial St NE #400
Salem Or 97309-5065

Ray Klupenger 503-504-0860



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